“The ocean is huge and I’m so small”

This audio contains language that has been redacted in the transcript but not in the audio file.

Whales do take my breath away because they’re overwhelming, the sense of — they’re awesome in that sense of awe. Like, do you ever get that feeling sometimes where you’re just like so overwhelmed by —  I don’t know, the thought of whales, perhaps, that it’s just like holy s***, how can I even be alive at the same time a whale is alive?  Sometimes I feel that way, like about the ocean. Like, ocean is so huge and I am so small. Like, I can hardly bear it if you know what I mean. Do you know what I mean? I can hardly bear thinking about whales sometimes. It’s like, they’re scary. They’re huge. They’re so f****** huge. And yet, you know, most of them are like gentle, and not, yeah, they’re not monsters. And yet they could totally kill you accidentally, or on purpose. It’s just like — I feel like if whales were just a little meaner, they could just kill us all, or if they had legs or I don’t know. It’s like the closest thing to a dinosaur, you know, that you could run into if you were in the ocean. Yeah, I’m in awe of whales, that’s for sure. 

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