“I will never be watching another horror movie again.”

A few weeks ago I think like, so I guess this was not very recently, but I think over winter break for school, my friends and I we all got together. There were like three or four of us together, and we watched “It”. And again, like I like I’ve– when it first came out and was super popular like my brother and cousins, like they started watching it one night at our house, but I fell asleep after like the first five minutes. I didn’t really see many of the scary things, and I kinda just closed my eyes. But over winter break when I was watching with friends, they were like “No no no it’s going to be fine. This is not even one of the scary horror movies.” It was terrible. It was a very terrible experience for me. I got scared so easily, and I knew for a fact, I was going to get nightmares. I literally could not sleep for like three days after because it wasn’t even just like the clown or whatever that was scaring me, and I knew all that stuff’s fake. But, like, any time I watch scary things, I always get night terrors, and they’re really bad. And it’s like, I have to wake up and tell myself it’s not like real and I have to like calm down. So personally, I don’t find horror movies/scary movies, all of that very entertaining. They’re not my cup of tea, definitely, but I know a lot of people do enjoy it. I have decided that I will never be watching another horror movie again, no matter how much people insist. I’m going to stand my ground. And if my friends want to watch it, I will very happily just close my eyes and ears for the whole movie or be on my phone. And yeah, so I’m definitely not going to indulge in any scary movies anymore. I hate them basically and again to each their own.

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