“The oven was cold, but I could smell these cookies baking.”

Have I ever had a supernatural experience? What happened? Well, let me tell you. I lived in an old old old house for twenty-five years. It was built in 1897, and the original house was. There was a kitchen added and there was a backroom added for laundry, and when I bought it, nothing happened. Months into my ownership of it, when everything was settled and all the boxes were put away, there was an old lady. But before I felt her presence, I smelled cookies. Chocolate chip cookies, to be exact, baking in the kitchen. So I went and checked and nobody had baked any cookies, the oven was cold, but I could smell these cookies baking. I went and sat down. It was about 2:00 in the morning off and I just felt like somebody was poking me telling me to go to bed and ever since I lived there, there was always this. She would announce herself first with chocolate chip cookies. And then you’d feel her or I would feel her presence. As the kids grew up in that house, they come to tell me that she was a nice old lady. My son told me about a time that he was hot and he kept uncovering himself and he was kind of half asleep when he felt the covers being pulled up on him again. My daughter tells me all the time, this was after my son moved out and her and her husband were in the big bedroom upstairs, and the baby was in the small bedroom upstairs and they had a monitor and they looked at the monitor and he was uncovered. And so, she was getting out of bed to go cover him up, and she looked at the monitor and he was covered. And that was the old lady, she would cover him up. She took care of my kids. And the one night, though, that she was poking me at 2 in the morning, telling me to go to bed it kind of made the hairs on my neck stand up. That was as vicious as she ever got. So we lived with an old lady in the house.

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