“All of a sudden we heard the stairs creak.”

I’ve never had a supernatural experience per se. Well, I guess maybe you could consider this a supernatural experience. I don’t know. When my husband and I first moved in together, we were living in a different house than we are in right now. And I will preface this by saying that we did not move out because of this experience. It happened a solid two years before we left, but the house that we lived in was a two-story house and our bedroom was kind of on the opposite side of the stairs, the upstairs landing and the it used to have carpet on the stairs and the landing. But then the previous owner had removed the carpet and so it was hardwood floors, you know, but it was original hardwood floors from the 50s, so they creaked a lot. And so it was the, the staircase had a very distinctive sound. We always joked that if we were to raise kids there and they became teenagers, they never would be able to sneak in and out of the house because the staircases were loud. Or that particular staircase was pretty loud. And we had gone to bed one night. We had just like gotten ready to go to sleep. We sleep with our door shut, and we have a white noise maker, and the white noise maker was turned on. The door was shut and locked, we had shut off all of the lights, and then all of a sudden we heard the stairs creak. So we turn off the white noise maker and saw under the door jam that there was light on in the landing and we both looked at each other and we went upstairs together and I saw my husband turned out the light. But it was on and there was a distinct sound of what sounded like a person walking up the stairs and across the landing to the light switch next to our door. And obviously, we were freaking out. We have an alarm system. We have security cameras. We had everything, and none of those were turned on. And we also have the keypad door locks that we can check through an app and all of those were locked. It was probably one of the freakiest things. My husband and I got up out of bed and we checked every single door, every single room in the house. We moved the curtains. We opened all the closets. We went in the basement. We looked in the, we had a small fenced-in area in the backyard. We opened the basement door to make sure that there was no one there. We looked everywhere and there was literally no one there, but it was probably one of the freakiest things that we’ve ever experienced.

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