“I swear I can hear the rush of the universe as it swirled above”

Science fiction is said to inspire a sense of wonder, you know, if it’s done, right it is. Is there moment where I felt a profound sense of wonder. Well, I see that one of your team members looked up at the Milky Way for the first time. There’s there’s a couple of things that give me sense of wonder. There’s been a few times where I’ve been fortunate enough to be able to just sit in the dark here in the UP, which, of course, we’re far enough North, and there’s not a whole light pollution. You know, if you know where to go. Like on Lake Superior for example, which is really an awesome place to do this on a clear night to watch the Aurora Borealis, you know, the northern lights. They are absolutely amazing. And I swear I can hear the rush of the universe as it swirled above, you know, over my head and off and towards the horizon and stuff. It’s just that really still just instills me with wonder. Seeing stars as a kid and you know, I don’t do that too much anymore, but seeing stars in the Milky Way that is another thing that’s just, you feel insignificant, you know. I mean it just it’s just amazing. Another sense of wonder I have is at again the Lake Superior. The lake is just fantastic, you know up here we call it the lake and everybody knows what lake you’re talking about. But when she’s roiled up and she’s just beating on the shore, she’s amazing. When she’s calm as glass, she’s amazing. It’s just a presence, an absolute presence that strikes one as almost a living thing and I don’t know I guess you kind of have to experience it. You know, sometimes we wonder where we don’t, you know, we’re not looking for these little things. I don’t know as I’m getting older, I appreciate stuff like that, you know, stop and smell the roses type thing. Another thing speaking of stop and smelling flowers, when we get the first dandelions in spring. If I’m walking down an alley, or taking a shortcut some place or something, you’ll see this one lonely, little dandelion just poking its head up through the concrete and blacktop and just sticking its way up. It’s just really kind of cool. I don’t pluck the darn thing, of course. I mean anything that goes to that much trouble to exist, certainly should be. And besides it’s the first flower of spring. Lord knows we need flowers in spring up here and it’s kind of awesome.

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