“I can confirm that helping people just feels good.”

Oh, yeah, I guess, I just have a couple of examples. About a mile away from my school last winter, there was a woman who tried to do that maneuver where instead of walking to your mailbox, you pull your car beside the mailbox and then you just reach out your window and pull it  out. She did that but she accidentally drove into  kind of like a snowbank. So I stopped and dug her out. And another time, this was just shortly after that, after the snow had melted. I rolled up on someone’s car who was just dead in the middle of a road, at a four-way stop. And I got out and pushed her car over to the shoulder and then left. She did have a cellphone and she, I think her boyfriend was coming or something. But those are empowering. People always say, like , you should want to help people because it feels good not because there’s the hope of a reward or something and I can confirm that helping people just feels good. There’s always a tendency to like, I wish I could follow up and see if everything worked out for them. But a lot of times it’s just help, get back in move on with your day and hope that your generosity perhaps moved the needle, just a touch in the world toward toward it, being a better place. That said I could do it even more. I’m sure there’s plenty of other ways I could help that I don’t. But when you get those little tastes, you know, it kind of puts you on the lookout for more opportunities to help.

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