“I realize that her ticket had a different date on it!”

 Some language has been edited out of the transcript that is not edited out of the audio.

But my best plane story is when it was like the year after we graduated from college, and a friend asked me and another friend to stand up for him in his wedding, and it was in Texas. Which I’m in right now kind of ironically. And it was over Valentine’s Day, and so she was living in Philadelphia at the time and I was in Grand Rapids and we we planned our flight so that we could get, have our second flights together. So like we each flew to I don’t know where, Atlanta? Who knows! And then from there to San Antonio and same on the way back. So that was great, So on the way back our flight was like pretty early. So well I don’t remember how we got to the airport, if our friend took us or what. And we were on a little – maybe we rented, a car because we were on a little tram from like the parking lot to the airport and we were like looking at our tickets and I said something about how we had time because our plane took off at, you know, 8:15 or something. And her ticket said, like 8:17, and she, she thought that was like, no big deal. She was like, you know, just a couple minutes difference. I’m like, there’s no way it would be different if we were on the same flight, you know, like, that’s weird. So I was like, “Give me your ticket.” So I’m like, looking at them and comparing them and stuff. And I realize that her ticket had a different date on it and she had accidentally booked her return ticket for the next month. So Instead of February It was in March, and I just was dying laughing because it was so her, like, that’s exactly something she would do. But I was also like, “Oh s***!” because now what? So we were running late that was why we were trying to see if we had enough time. So when we got there, like she went up to the desk and told him what the issue was and they were like, “Well not sure if we can get you on this flight, but we can try.” And I was like, “I gotta go ahead and board because I need to get this flight back.” You know, and so I boarded not sure if she was going to be able to get on or not. And they did get her on but she had to pay $100 to change the ticket which that was a bummer and you know, right out of college that was, it hurt.

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