“The bun quite literally fell out.”

One of the prompts this week is, have you heard of the phrase “The show must go on.” Have you ever had an experience where something went wrong and you had to keep going Anyway? Yeah, I have definitely heard this phrase and I have definitely been in situations where this phrase was kind of utilized and you just gotta go with the go with the flow. Again I love to dance. I have been dancing since a very, very young age, nearly three to four years old. So over the years, you know, specifically as a dancer, you’re in a lot of recitals, a lot of performances, a lot of competitions and sometimes things, don’t go your way. I remember one time before I was getting on stage. My friend’s bun was falling off or like, like the hair strands were coming off. And we had like these donuts that are hidden within their hair and she had a quick costume change and she came on stage and the donut quite – and I’m not sure how this happened, because there’s so many pins in place, but I think it was just loose and she had just recently cut her hair so – it wasn’t event  that long. And the and the bun, quite literally fell out and there was like pins sticking out of it. And it was on stage. Thankfully was like near the back so the audience, couldn’t really just see, like a donut, just like plop down. However, like our dance was like fast-paced, and I had to just keep rolling with it. And I didn’t – So like, I knew it fell down like, after the performance was over. I didn’t know before. So while I was performing and we were changing formations. I stepped on the donut and a little bit of like a pin kind of pinched me in my foot, cuz I went in and it kind of jolted, but I didn’t like it hurt it hurt fairly bad, but the show must go on. So, I just put a bigger – I thought you probably could tell, but too much of a fake smile, but I put it on, you know, the show must go on and you keep going.

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