“It’s halfway through my exam!”

But the biggest time I remember that I did this, it was, I think, my senior year in college. And I had an exam that day and I literally think I forgot to set my alarm. I do not think there was an alarm involved in this at all. And I remember, it was like this surreal, like, moment where I woke up and I looked at the clock and it — I just sort of laid there and went, “What time is that? That’s not right.” And then I went, “What time is my exam?” And I didn’t panic. I just sort of, like, very methodically was like, “It’s halfway through my exam, like, the final exam for this class!” And I got up and I got my — I think I probably threw something on, probably half my pajamas were still on. Who knows? But I — like I said, I wasn’t panicked or anything. I wasn’t racing and I walked into the room. And of course, like, everybody’s, you know, again halfway through their exam and the professor kinda looks at me and he goes, “I wondered where you were.” And he let me sit down and take the exam and I did fine and I passed the class and I graduated and all of that. But I thought, “Man, could that have gone differently.” Like, if that professor had not been a nice guy, like, I could have missed taking that exam because I was not there the day that, you know, at the time when it started or whatever. Like, I just — ugh, I was, I definitely was, I was very grateful that it, that it happened that way, and that I didn’t have to, you know, do anything, do anything strange.

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