“Some people actually used welding masks to look at the eclipse.”

This audio contains language that has been redacted in the transcript but not in the audio file.

Did you see the eclipse during the middle of the day several years ago? What made you think — or what did you think about it? Did you get special eclipse glasses to watch it happen? Yeah, the eclipse 20, was that 2016 or 17? Yeah, I definitely remember that. My company actually took the day off of work. Basically. We kind of had a party. We went to a big park in Ann Arbor. It was close to a river and probably was the Huron River. I don’t remember a hundred percent, but we did tubing. I think. And of course general barbecue stuff. Like hot dogs, hamburgers, potato chips, potato salad, stuff like that. As I recall. And yeah, the eclipse I remember that being weird. It was a little weird. It honestly made me feel connected to people from the past because, like today, you know, there’s a tendency to feel like as modern people we’re so smart with science and everything, but with something like that eclipse happens, like it’s just dark in the middle of the day and it’s weird as h***. And it’s like, it’s been a few years. So I don’t remember exactly but it was darker than just clouds going by. It’s like, whoa, what is happening? Like it was unsettling a little bit. And yeah, I definitely remember the funny, the funny eclipse glasses cuz obviously the sun is very bright. And if you look at it for a long time, you could potentially damage your eyes. So yeah, they were — I don’t remember what was super special about them. I think they were just dark. I don’t remember if the polarization of the lenses mattered. The main thing was it just being dark. I’m pretty sure. Kind of like when you’re – if you were like welding or something, you wear the face shield and you don’t want to look at the super bright light similar. I remember seeing pictures of some people actually used welding masks to, to look at the eclipse. Similar like approach and technology there. But yeah, the eclipse several years ago. Great times.

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