“It ended up being a really nice celebration.”

Well, this was maybe more of a last week kind of thing, but about a year ago, I probably came on here talking about going to a birthday party for a friend’s dad who turned a hundred. And that was significant because oh my gosh, you know, this guy was turning a hundred, that’s a big deal. It also was the first time I think I really subjected myself to a gathering like that. Like to travel like I did and then to, like, be in a big room full of people. Anyway, I – Mr. [friend’s father’s name] lived for another year. So I went back for his hundred and first birthday party. And it was interesting because in, in some ways it was like a very different right now, everyone’s vaccinated and nobody’s masking. But my friend [friend’s name], his daughter who’s, you know, my close friend, she flew from California to be there. I came in on the train from Michigan to be there, you know, other people were coming from all around and we were talking about it and you know, like, numbers are going up and [friend’s name] was like, “I really wanted to do this, but in some ways this feels like it’s maybe even more dangerous than last year and like am I hosting a super spreader event?” And you know, she obviously, she wants to protect her dad, he’s one hundred and one, but it ended up being a really nice celebration. And no – just about nobody masked. I obviously masked on the train all the way to well, okay, most of the way not all of the way, I think I took it off for part of the trip. But – ‘cause, you know, it’s no longer required, but I just felt like I, you know, I just wanted to stay safe. Like, when you’re around a whole bunch of people you don’t know. Anyway, I guess I’m, I guess I’m getting off topic, but I actually think COVID-19 continues to permeate nearly everything I talk about. I mean feels like that’s the, the new normal. Anyway, the party was really nice. Instead of last time instead of – they, they, like, everybody had their own plate set in front of them because I think then people were still concerned about, you know, like how much you might transmit it through touch – hang on, my cat is meowing. You’re okay. Come down here, kitty kitty. She’s standing at the top of the steps crying. I don’t know why. Anyway, this time it was served more family style. So we were passing plates to each other and you could take more of the food you wanted. So that was really nice. [friend’s name] had fewer of her friends there because there were some conflicts, one group’s being, still being really cautious. Another got COVID exposure, like the day before the party and didn’t think they should come. So, but it was nice and it was nice for me to spend time with, with [friend’s name] for that weekend and it was Mother’s Day weekend.

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