“A cool book to, to have, a self-published book about our love story.”

I was gonna go through my diary, my online journal that I write – I write in it every day, it helps with my anxiety. If I put things down and on paper. I was gonna go through it and, and kinda write a book about mine and my husband’s love story ’cause it’s all in my journal. How we started talking on the telephone. He called me and then later, I mentioned to him that I was moving and I was having a big yard sale and he offered to come help me with my yard sale. And he brought things over for him, for him to sell at the yard sale, you know, kinda making it bigger for me. I thought, you know, you can – as, as I read my journal during certain parts of the, certain parts of the year, it was about a year love story that took place. And you can see the progression in the journal, until we got married and now we’re waiting for our leases to be over so that we can finally move in together as husband and wife and, and start living our lives together instead of separately. And we live our lives together now, but he goes home to his house and I stay at my apartment at the end of the day. But I thought that would be cool. A cool book to, to have, a self-published book about our love story. I don’t know what I’d call it, but, I met him on Plenty of Fish, POF, about fifteen years ago. And we dated way back then for a little over a year and then he asked me to marry him. And I, I said, yes, and then I couldn’t do it. I wasn’t, I wasn’t ready to, to be married. And so we – I broke it up, off with him. I broke up with him, broke it off with him, however you wanna say it. And then we got back together. We took baby steps, phone call, the garage sale, then he helped me move into my apartment. And we’d go out to dinner. We’d go places and do things. It just progressed. It was pretty awesome. But that’s something I’ve been thinking about doing here as a next big project.

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