“Now I have no idea what S&P is.”

“What’s a news headline that stuck out to this week?” I dunno, I saw something this morning about NBA players. I don’t really remember. I dunno, I have, like, a notification from New York Times. It says: “The S&P 500 recovered from the plunge into bear territory. It is down 18% this year amid its longest stretch of weekly losses in twenty-one years.” Now I have no idea what S&P is, so I think – I have my computer open right now, the questions are on it. So I’m just gonna google it. S&P five – what is this? It’s a, it’s a stock market index, tracking the performance of 500 large companies. What, so it’s going down? Yeah, it’s down 18% this year, oh wow. Oh, yeah, I can see the graph, although it went up today by 0.015%. Yeah, I don’t know if that’s, like, useful information. But, but yeah.

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