Olivia Marquardt

“I found “Rainforest” by Walter Wanderley.”

I recently visited my friend in Arizona. She took me all around the towns where she’s lived. She showed me a lot of different things, and I ate a lot of good food. She took me to her favorite fast-food restaurants. My favorite out of all of them was Cane’s; their chicken was so good, and I did find out that they’re making some near me soon, so I’m going to be hitting those up constantly because it was so good, would highly recommend Cane’s to anyone. But also while we were there, we went to a musical instrument museum and that was really cool ‘cause I love music, I love musical instruments. They had — it was literally musical instruments from all over the world. I was really happy to see the khaen from Laos, that was the coolest one that I was hoping was there. They also had a huge upright bass called an octobasse. That was crazy too. And I loved seeing all the different violins ‘cause I play violin. And we also went horseback riding. That was really, really fun because I used to ride horses and it’s been like — I think I did the math and it was like eight years since I’ve been on a horse, and this was Western style, but I used to do English, but it’s like, fundamentally — like I knew what was going on, and it was just so much fun to be doing that. And honestly, the highlight of my whole trip besides getting to spend time with my friend, which was obviously incomparable, was I found this record that I had been looking for, like a vinyl. My — one of my favorite musical artists is Brazil’s number one organist, Walter Wanderley, and my favorite album by him is called “Rainforest.” And every time I go into a record store, I search high and low for this record, and I’ve never been able to find it. Well while I was there with her, we went to a record store, and I found it — I found “Rainforest” by Walter Wanderley. When I say my heart was pounding, I mean it. It was awesome, a great trip, so many highs throughout it. It was just phenomenal — loved being with my friend, loved being on a horse, seeing musical instruments, and of course, getting “Rainforest” by Walter Wanderley. 

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