“I saw my first shooting star that night.”

I love the stars. I love looking up at the stars. I will – oh my god, when I – couple years ago I went camping, um, in northern Michigan – I love Northern Michigan – um, with friends of mine. And we’d gone camping. And we were at this campsite near Mackinaw City and we literally spent – it was a really clear night. We spent the entire night just laying in the middle of the road in the campsite and, like, this dirt road, with blankets, um, staring into the stars. And I saw my first shooting star that night ‘cause – one, I don’t think we’d ever been, um – it’s never been clear enough to see stuff like that, but we – we saw everything. Like, it was insane. Like, I know, still, with light pollution, there’s still a lot that we can’t see. Like, we’re not even seeing the half of it, even when you think you’re seeing all of it. Um, which is really neat to me, too. Um, but, yeah, it’s really – I really like it. I like when it’s dark enough that you can see all of that, um, and it’s super cool. We, like, laid on the top of our cars and just, like, stared at the, uh, the stars for a little bit. And that was really cool. And I really liked that a lot.

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