(Note: Some language has been edited out of the transcript that is not edited out in the audio.)

I did, however, get really lucky one time. So, we do White Elephant for my family um for Christmas, instead of like getting everybody gifts ‘cause it’s easier. Um, and so for White Elephant, my gift somehow that I got was a bunch of lottery tickets, and — f***, what else was it? — something else, but I can’t remember. Key point — oh wait I think it was literally just lottery tickets. So the, I wanna say the price was twenty-five to thirty dollars, I think, so I got like thirty dollars worth of lottery tickets, and I scratched them all off, somehow ended up with like ninety-six bucks. My uncle was eating his words, ‘cause half of them were like the dollar, five dollar ones, so that’s what made it even better. Um, so yeah, I like tripled I tripled my uh uh value there for the gift. So that was really my um little bit of luck on that, that’s my gold pot at the end of the rainbow for that one. That will never, I can almost guarantee you with my luck though, that will never happen to me again. And I don’t wanna jinx anything, but, with my luck? That’s never happening again.