“It just kind of made everything a little bit more special.”

I was in a wedding, in Hawai’i. One of my my best friends from university got married in Honolulu, and we had finished the ceremony and were taking pictures of the wedding party. I don’t remember it actually raining on us while we were taking the photos, but we were using the Pacific Ocean as our background, and in came this um this little rain shower, uh which happens pretty often in, in that type of climate. And had this really beautiful rainbow that appeared um kind of behind us in in all of the pictures, so it was kind of really nice, um a really nice addition to the pictures, and I know I know people always talk about, you know, rain on wedding days, and whether or not that’s good luck or bad luck or what it is, but I I I remember thinking, if we hadn’t had — if there hadn’t been rain somewhere that day that we wouldn’t have had that rainbow in those great um those great shots that we got with with the rainbow behind us. It just kind of made everything a little bit more special, and it was it was just kind of cool.

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