“I came back into the apartment… And it just smelled so much like gas.”

I did live in a house with a gas leak. Um it was during the snowpocalypse. I can’t remember what year that was. Um sometime after 2016, maybe, um but short, long and short of it was, I was snowed in for several days, so I hadn’t left the apartment, and that was super unusual for me. I was really active, even on days I wasn’t going to class or working, um I would be out and about. And so finally there was like — and this was like, the snowpocalypse where nothing was open, um, it was really kind of hazardous to be out. There weren’t even any um pathways clear on the roads. And so, like I said, I was hunkered down, and then eventually, you know, they plowed, and I was able to go for a walk, and I came back into the apartment after having been closed in there for so many days, um and it just smelled so much like gas. Um it was immediately apparent to me, but because I had been in the house, um, I think the pilot — the what ended up being the issue was the pilot light had gone out on my stove, my gas stove, and so it was just like slowly leaking gas into the apartment, um but I don’t think I’d had food to cook because everything was closed. Um and so, yeah, I was also slowly being poisoned, and um I called — I forget if it was like the fire department or I called somebody — um and I texted my neighbors and said, like, “Please do not, you know, use an open flame right now. There’s this issue,” and when the person came and helped me get everything sorted out, um ‘cause I don’t know that I knew it was a pilot light that was out. Um, I’d never had a gas stove before, um but when the person came to help me out they were like, “Oh, I recognize this apartment,” like “this has happened before,” um and so then I called my landlord just to see if there was a way to maybe get a new stove, um ‘cause again, without having owned a gas stove before, I wasn’t sure if that was something that happened often, if it was an issue um with the stove itself. But anyway, uh, kind of in a roundabout way answered your question.

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