“But that was the time, I almost passed out.”

So I’ve never eaten food that’s made me sweat because I’m not one of those people that chases painful foods. And I don’t understand why people do that. Sorry, if something was advertised to me that way then I would avoid that thing. I like spicy food, but not hot spicy. Like I don’t need my food to be painful. I have almost passed out from the heat though. Once in high school, my friend wanted to surprise her parents by creating this little patio in their backyard. And so we got all the supplies from Lowe’s, like all the brick thingys and then sand. And I don’t remember what else but like it was super super hot and like so like unloading these like, I think they’re like 50-pound bags of sand. And loading them in another truck and then unloading them at her house and then the same with the bricks and everything was just like super intense. And I got really dizzy and almost threw up and and then like almost passed out and I was like, “Whoa! Maybe you should take a break.” This is not a dramatic story. But that was the time, I almost passed out.

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