“These people were looking at us like we had dropped in from another planet”

This kind of does remind me though of another time my sister and I were in the Dominican Republic and we were visiting a friend of hers from college there. And she had planned a day trip for us on a boat to you know – you take this boat out you go to this island, you stay there for a while and then you know, then you come back and it was I don’t know if her friend knew exactly what the situation was or if she did and assumed that we would too but my sister and I were completely not prepared for what this trip actually was. It was totally a party trip.
Like it was totally you drink from the moment that you get on this boat – probably even before you get on the boat. All through the boat, I mean people were just going crazy. I mean everybody was in their string bikinis jumping off the boat. I mean getting to the beach and you know, just totally, you know, totally a beach party trip. Totally not my sister and my scene at all, and neither one of us had our bathing suits which again, I guess you think okay, you’re going on a boat and you’re going to a beach on an island, yep we probably should have assumed that we needed our bathing suits. But we didn’t, we’re not super water people like we just we didn’t we didn’t even think. So we’re – I’m, I was there – I think I even had like capris on I didn’t even have like a skirt or shorts or anything. I mean, I think I had like sort of capris that definitely like covered my knee. I think they were black and then like just a t-shirt no tank top. No, I mean really again and I think everybody was kind of looking at the two of us like what is going on and my sister always wears like any time that she knows she’s gonna be out in the sun – which again she kind of thought she was gonna be out in the sun being on a boat or at the beach she always wears long sleeves. And oftentimes long pants too with UV protective, um clothing because she burns so easily. So I’m pretty sure she had on like her full UV, you know outfit and again like these people were looking at us. I think that we had dropped in from another planet and you know had absolutely no business being on, you know, their party trip. So while, they were all you know partying on the beach my sister and I went and like took a walk around the island and like discovered all the stuff on the island that nobody else got to see. So it was actually you know kind of fun but just totally oh my gosh, absolutely ridiculous.

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