“Our sister was leaning up against the water jets…. and she got stuck to it”

Let’s tell the story of Tennessee.

Oh, yes. Yes.

So our sister she — we were in a hot tub and she was in a hot tub. And well we were all in hot tub with a so we were sharing a house with my mom’s friends family. And so we were all in the hot tub and our sister was leaning up against like the water jets or some filter,

The vents!

The vents. And what happened was she got stuck to it. And so she was stuck in the hot tub and she couldn’t get like out, the suction was so bad. And then when she finally did there was this huge mark on her back and it was so funny. Don’t tell her that but it was so funny.

And now like basically to this day there’s a circle thing on her back.

There is not! That is such an exaggeration. No that is not true. She is lying, but —

But there was one for like week.

Yeah for a week it was.

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