“I passed out and hit my head on the floor”


So a couple years ago, I was making muffins in my friend’s kitchen and I passed out. Like, I walked — I didn’t — my stomach, like, felt weird and then I was like, “Okay, I’m just gonna walk to the bathroom.” And I got, like, two paces or, like, three feet from  the door and I, like passed out and hit my head on the floor. And the best part of the story is that my sister, my little sister, was in the living room with her friend because my friend and her sister are friends — our sisters are friends. And so my friend was in the kitchen making brownies, or, making muffins. Banana muffins. And my — our sisters were sitting in the living room. And I, like, just passed out, and my head hit the floor. And they just sat there and watched, um, because they thought I had, just, like, tripped and fell or something, or, I, like, was faking. I don’t know, they, like, didn’t move. And then, to make things even better, I had just spilled banana batter on my foot. And you know how dogs are supposed to be, like, caretakers or whatever and they, like, help people? Well, my friend’s dog just came in and licked the batter off of my foot. She didn’t even, like — there was no helping. She just licked it off my foot and then left. She didn’t do anything else. And my friend’s mom comes, like, sprinting upstairs, and was like, “The f*** was that?” And I was, like, “Yeah.” At this point, I regained consciousness because it was just a minor — minor lapse, um, to where I was unconscious. Um, but, um, at that point, I was kind of just laying there. She’s like, “Dude, what the f*** happened and why did nobody do anything?!” I was like, “I don’t know! Don’t ask me! Ask the people who just sat there!” Anyway, so that’s kind of funny. It’s — I don’t really know if I was dehydrated but that could have — that most likely led to it because what happened, what I think happened is we’d just gotten out of the hot tub that my friend has and I hadn’t really eaten anything or drank anything. So I think that’s what the cause was. I don’t know, though. It’s still a mystery. Still a mystery as to why that happened. Um, but, yeah, to this day, always gotta eat food and drink something before I get out of a hot tub or else I pass out, um but yeah.

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