“Birth is such a huge, serious, life altering, physically altering, consequential, no going back process.”

I’m generally not pro, I guess I would call it, I’m not pro-forced birth. Which I’m also not pro-abortion, I guess? Like I — it’s weird how everything’s been whittled down to two phrases, which is usually like pro-life or pro-choice. It’s so much more complicated. Like I, I’m not a fan of abortions like, “You know what I like? When people get abortions.” But I think I do believe in people’s right to be able to have them, absolutely. I’ve wondered, and I think this is overly simplistic because it’s a very complicated issue but, I’ve wondered, I feel so silly making this, this argument, but I’ve wondered if men were the people who had to give birth, whether this debate would still be a debate. Just because, I just — I think this is my thing. Forcing someone to give birth — birth is such a huge, serious, life altering, physically altering, consequential, no going back process. And I just, I guess I’m troubled at the notion of forcing everyone to have to go through with that, if they become pregnant by any means. You know, if men, I don’t know, like if the role I would play, I don’t have a child and I, I’ve never really been in this position, but if I were to impregnate someone, the role I would play would be that of a caretaker. And so, you know, monetary supporter at like worst. That’s it. I don’t — I don’t go through any physical alterations. My intestines don’t get rearranged. I don’t have to go through this potentially deadly process where parts of me are disfigured and sometimes permanently. I, I don’t know. It’s just a tough pill for me to swallow as being a thing that is completely outlawed. But I guess I do acknowledge that it’s a complex issue and to everything I say I understand there’s someone who has a, a counterpoint which is why this has gone round and round.

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