“The story kind of begins now, right?”

Note: Some language has been edited out of the transcript that is not edited out in the audio.

Did end up finding a number of organizations to donate to. ACLU, of course, they’re, they’re kind of a standby for these types of issues, individual liberty and freedom types of issues. So yeah, put through some money towards the ACLU Charter of Michigan, or ACLU section in Michigan. Found this one called Midwest Access to Abortion. I believe that’s what it was called, based out of Chicago, Midwest Access to Abortion. And they, despite being based out of Chicago, they, they had a map on their website that showed all the Midwest states the conventional Midwest states, you know, Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Wisconsin, Minnesota, and they counted North Dakota, South Dakota, and Illinois. I’m striking out about whether they covered Nebraska or not. I think they did. It was like the census definition of the Midwest. But anyways, so their goal is to, they don’t provide direct financial support to the, for the medical procedure for abortion, but they are logistics people. And so they, I heard, first heard about them like a month or two ago when the memo leaked, and I’m not sure what their training or purpose was before that, but, you know, if someone doesn’t have access to, what’s it called, plan C? If someone doesn’t have access to plan C, travel is gonna be their move. And so that’s what this organization exists to do. Threw some money to them based out of Chicago, Midwest Access to Abortion. I might be slightly misremembering the name. I mean it’s, the story kind of begins now, right? What’s gonna happen in this new version of, of the country, you know, not to make it too grand of a statement, but like this is, this is gonna f*** a lot of things up, I think. A lot of plans that people had, and plans that didn’t, people didn’t have. The plan A, the plan B, the plan C is one way I heard it, saw it explained today. Oh, that was the other one. It was a “I need an A, dot org” was one of the key websites that I saw these funds pointing people towards when they need help so. “I need an A, dot org.”

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