“There’s scars that can get ignored both ways.”

I guess that brings me to say like you feel like you have to align yourself with one side or the other, and, to be honest, with the abortion issue I really don’t. I would say I for sure lean more towards the side of being pro-life. That would be the sentiment I carry for myself, like for my own self I don’t believe abortion is right. I know if I were put in that position, even regardless of the circumstances, it would be better for me not to have that procedure because I would carry the guilt with me for the rest of my life, and I’m pretty sure it might as, like I might as well, in a sense, be dead myself. I would feel tremendous guilt, so I know for me that would never be the right choice regardless of the circumstances. I also like could not recommend it to a friend or someone that asked my advice explicitly on the issue because I think one thing that they’re maybe not talking about enough is that I think people would leave this procedure having the abortion, I think they could easily leave it with very deep emotional scars, and maybe it’s a healthcare right, maybe not, but I think maybe we’re overlooking like, “What could be the consequences of this?” ‘Cause we’re focused so much on “It’s, it’s my right to do what I want.” And I mean going the other way you could say like, “Oh, we’re so focused on saving the life of the unborn baby,” which I believe that’s important, but then we’re ignoring the scars of like maybe the woman didn’t wanna have the baby. There’s scars that can get ignored both ways. I just feel like lately it’s been we’re favoring like, “It’s too scarring for me not to get to do what I want, so like we should make abortion pretty easily accessible,” and we’re not focusing on like some people could be really affected by this lifelong and they might not ever be the same again. That can be a tremendous scar, in and of itself I think. I can’t say too much ‘cause I’ve never been in that position, but yeah. To be honest I think the court’s decision was a decent compromise, unlike some people I know that are really pro-life, I think it’s best that we do let abortion be legal to some extent. There’s always going to be desperate people, and if they don’t have a safe way to do what they feel compelled to do, we can get really dangerous practices going on, and it’s very, even easier than it is now I think for women to get exploited because they’re so desperate if abortion is not legal. And it’s just hard for me to decide like, like I was saying, for me, it wouldn’t be an acceptable choice, and I would not recommend it to people I know or that ask my advice to get an abortion, but I don’t know if I have the right to decide the moral standards for other people. I mean, I’m a person of faith and stuff, and so that dictates what I believe, but I don’t know if I have the right to impose those same morals on other people. That’s something I fight with a lot, ‘cause even as a Christian person I know, like, God gives me the freedom to make the choices between right and wrong, and so should I, like, believe that other people should be given those same freedoms by our legal system, and such? It’s a really tough thing to puzzle through.

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