“It would take more than a third of my yearly income to just have the kid.”

Just thinking about how many times in my life my period has been six to eight weeks late, even when I was on birth control keeping — trying to keep it regular. And not to mention, you know, pregnancies that need to be ended because of health issues. Not to mention it’s just, you know, a way to keep women and families poor. And just like the cycle of abuse of people that know they shouldn’t be moms or can’t be moms or can’t be dads for whatever reason, if they’re just not mature enough or don’t have the financial means or, you know, they’ve had their own trauma that they’ve never dealt with and then they just pass it along to kids and just create this cycle. And it just, it’s just really disappointing. And it just really bums me out that people that like are so pro-life or you know count this as a victory, that they just, like, don’t care about women’s health services in general, about keeping Planned Parenthood funded, about keeping medical expenses for women at an affordable price, which they absolutely are not. You know, if I got pregnant this year, it would take almost — it would take more than a third of my yearly income to just have the kid for the one year or nine months, you know, of medical expenses. And, I don’t know, it’s just, yeah, why are these people that are so pro-life so, like, against sex education and keeping people safe and keeping people informed and giving them the opportunity to make sure that accidents don’t happen? I don’t know. So it’s just — it really feels like, yeah, it just really feels like an attack on women’s freedoms. And it’s just sad to see.

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