“I was the 1000th participant to sign up.”

It’s been a week. Like I mean to say, I don’t know. A lot of changing things this week. I can’t label it good or bad. I guess just like unpredictable, I guess. I got reached out to by the MI, MI Diaries research team. Turns out last week, I was the 1000th participant to sign up which was so cute. I thought I might have been because I I saw the sign or the flyer and I signed up and then that week, I’d got an email that like, oh, we got our 1,000 sign up person. I was like, oh what are the odds it’s me? And then I got an email and the team had given me some MI Diaries swag, which is pretty cool. Some awesome stickers. What else, what is there? I think I have the bag right next to me. A cute like handwritten note, I got some stickers, some treats, and yeah, that’s just overall pretty cool.

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