“When I woke up, he had been driving on the wrong side of the road”

When I was a senior in college, I was studying abroad in Ireland. And I’ve got two siblings. My middle brother came to visit. So he flew into Dublin and then rented a car, drove across the country. I was basically on the opposite coast. drove across the country to meet me. We spent some time in the village that I was studying in and then we kind of drove around the country a little bit. So one of the places that we went- this is just kind of a funny aside- was in the north and we’re going to Giants Causeway is the place. And I fell asleep while he was driving and when I woke up, he had been driving on the wrong side of the road for I don’t know how long. I think, he was really tired or not even like he wasn’t sleepy, it was like he was so fatigued from the travel and his brain wasn’t, you know, he wasn’t tracking and so I remember screaming at him to get on the correct side of the road and then I think on our way back from the north we went into Dublin again, and that’s where we got tattoos. So his is on his wrist. And it’s my handwriting and it says “do more” so he has- I’ll be honest. I think it’s kind of stupid, but he’s got a couple of different tattoos that say various things on his body and that’s what he wanted. So I wrote that out a ton of times when we were in Belfast. I remember on this napkin and today I see it and it’s not like it’s terrible. I’ve always had pretty good handwriting but I would say I’ve gotten better with like kind of that modern calligraphy kind of thing. And so I look at it just, you know reminds me that at the time I was not great at it, but I think that’s maybe part of the charm.

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