“I was going to work to what was probably the worst shift I’ve ever had.”

Note: Some language has been edited out of the transcript that is not edited out in the audio

So like I said the last so my last recording I was going to work to what was probably the worst shift I’ve ever had. It was just really really stressful so they had me on so when I typically do is one-on-ones, so that’s like I sit with literally just one other person and I’m just watching that one other person which is fine. Like I can do one-on-ones just fine. I had a two on one to where I sit and I have to watch two people. And that was stressful only because and this in my opinion was a really bad one-on-one at least to put me on because as a patient safety associate, I can’t really like do much other than like watch people I can’t really, like touch them and like move them and like I can kind of help them walk and stuff, but I can’t like restrain them. I can’t so the patient that I was sitting on was trying to leave. Which I would have had a better handle on had I not been at have- having to sit and watch a different patient while he’s also trying to leave and it was just a shit show. And I already get anxious as it is sometimes and my heart rate’s like f****** pounding in my ears and I’m kind of freaking out and trying not to like have a panic attack. So somebody had to like sit on them for me. And so I sat for somebody else while they watched my people so they can get so there’s a tech that could get him back into his bed and stuff like that. But you truly see especially like from my standpoint how people like misconstrue the healthcare like like healthcare services versus like f****** like service the service industry. because it’s really grey area sometimes because you want to give people the best carry that you can but sometimes they don’t they misconstrue the best care that you they can with waiting on them like hand and foot and it’s f****** annoying. Um, because obviously you want people stay to be comfortable, but when you have nurses with f******* seven to one ratio. You can’t be waiting on these people hand and foot nor should you really have to like if you need immediate care like you want pain meds or something like that, that’s fine. That’s not really waiting any hand and foot, but I had a patient the other day and I can’t leave the rooms who asked me and was screaming at me to heat up her food. Which is just in my mind mind-boggling because I don’t think I’ve ever been because I’ve been in and out of the hospital a couple times for various things. I’ve had shoulder surgery. I’ve had a couple other surgeries and I never once was like, “oh my God, I’m gonna hit my call light, so my nurse can heat up my food.” Never really had the urge to do that. It’s just weird. I don’t know like like I said I get like you do. I I understand the providing the best care that you can for your patients, but sometimes I don’t know where the line is, but I think the line needs to be drawn sometimes and sometimes It’s not like I can’t like give you everything I can’t like if you want a blanket sure, yeah, I’ll go get you that blanket real quick, but it might take me a minute and you have to kind of understand that because I got seven other people to go see and to go talk to and to go check on and I really feel for any person who is a nurse right now. I really feel for them because this sh**’s rough sometimes and I applaud any person who can spend 12 hours dealing with some of the people that people have to deal with.

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