“…uh oh, I didn’t see this question before”

Have I ever had pasties? Uhh uh oh, I didn’t see this question before and I – I don’t know. Oh my! This is pretty funny. Let me re-read that question. Have I ever had pasties and did I like them? So I googled pasties, which is pretty funny because I get it’s either a British baked pastry. And it looks like there’s stuff inside of it. Or it’s another name for nipple covers, which I think I’ve heard it used in that realm before. I haven’t tried either frankly. But I would be open to giving it a shot. I kind of want to click the Wiki page and see what’s going on inside of a, a pasty. Beef skirt, potato, swede, and onion. My main weakness is being a picky eater, one of my main weaknesses I – I just am and I – I wish I wasn’t but trying crazy foods is just seems like abnormally difficult for me. Seems like everyone else can try new stuff no problem, and it’s all fine. But this – this is a – that’s a lot going on there for me and to try it would probably… It takes willpower for me. I think that’s the thing, with other people it seems like there’s no willpower involved in trying new foods it – its just a thing you either choose or choose not to do. And for me, it’s a wall I have to climb to some degree. Not to make it sound dramatic, but sometimes it feels traumatic like like trying a pasty full of beef and potato and onion mashed together would be a big deal for me. But I don’t know, catch me on the right day and I guess I’d give it a shot.

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