“…the experience of rain falling on you in the middle of the night.”

Have you ever slept outside? What was it like? Does camping count? I’ve been camping countless times. I’ve been in Munising camping. I’ve been out east camping. I’ve been out west camping. I’ve been like down southish probably camping. I’ve been like camping like a lot of places we go camping quite a bit. So does camping count ’cause we – we’re in a tent? We’re not, no offense to people who use campers, but that’s not camping. You don’t get the experience of rain falling on you, in the middle of the night. And sounds not being blocked out and no AC and no actual bed. Like come on people you say you’re going camping, but you’re literally just in a mini house. I will say that when I went “camping” quotation marks in Vermont that was not camping because guess what we got a cabin. It was so fun. And we were like right on this little pond that we couldn’t sleep or that we couldn’t swim in, and I always love when there’s some place where we can swim, but we didn’t get to. So that was fun.

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