“The word ‘east’ reminded me of him.”

Okay, I’m not gonna go to the questions yet because surprisingly I have something to talk about East. So, I’ve- I’m half Chinese and lately I’ve been interested in like Chinese mythology because like it’s so cool. And so, one thing I’ve been looking into was like different little creatures and gods and spiritual beasts and stuff and there’s this one really cool dragon in Chinese mythology called the green dragon or azure dragon depending on how you say the name I guess and he’s like the man of the east the East Sea is his, even though like when you look on a map of China is only the eastern side is connected to a sea. I don’t get why I like Black Tortoise, Vermilion Bird and the White Tiger all have like corresponding oceans to them when China is surrounded by Mongolia and other countries like that, but I’m not gonna fret about the details. Could be like, you know established before when China is bigger. Maybe I don’t I like know nothing on Asian history, even though I’m Asian, I’m like shameful to my ancestors. We need to be taught more about stuff in school. But yeah, I don’t know the word East just reminded me of him. His name is ‘Qinglong’. I forgot his other name. But yeah, that was something cool.

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