“Have you ever known someone who could be really critical about small details?”

Have you ever known someone who could be really critical about small details? One of our team members has a grandpa who really likes western movies but will get upset if things are inaccurate, like if someone walks through a saloon door wrong. Interesting. Um, that’s really specific. Wow. Critical about small details, my mother? I guess my mother. Yeah, it’s funny, she’s a history teacher, right, she teaches like American history, high schoolers, and also AP human geography and some electives, you know, she’ll do Holocaust like this and other things like that. But she is very critical of her students’ grammar and like punctuation things like that. It’s really interesting, and she doesn’t hold it against them, as far as their grade maybe like I think 5% of their total grade if they write a paper is about grammar and punctuation. But she’ll mark it up as if she’s an English teacher. So that’s really interesting to me. And I think it’s beneficial for the students to know, even though it’s not an English class, “Hey, you should you really do this like this, this needs to be a different way.” So that’s interesting. She’s also hypercritical about a lot of things. Just — she’s very intuitive, too. I remember when my husband wanted to propose he was gonna talk to her about it, and they went to go get Chinese food together. She knew right away. She knew, she was like, “You want to propose to my daughter, don’t you?” I don’t understand it, some kind of, I have no idea, ESP, I don’t know.

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