“I broke up with him, and that was a relief…”

Have I ever been that happy something ended? Sure, so many things. The one season I played softball in middle school, man I was glad when that was over. I was glad when – when Trump left office, but of course, that’s not really over, over. There was a guy I dated,  and his name was [redacted]. And this guy randomly asked me out. I was working at the library. I never had anyone just like a stranger asked me out before – well I mean, I guess I had but not like in any sort of non-crazy creepy way that I would actually say yes to, anyway. I mostly was just feeling sad – sorry for myself. And I knew that this guy was not my type, but he was very attractive. So I was like, “What the heck? Sure!” And ended up dating him for a couple months. And like the whole time I was like this is not the guy for me and he was clearly looking for like a wife. And yeah, it was just, finally I was like I felt bad because it was, I was kind of just using him to feel better about myself because this attractive guy wanted to date me. And so I – plus we were just very different politically and all kinds of ways and so I broke up with him, and that was a relief, that felt good. I was glad that that was over. Except that I mean this is probably a bad but I mean this is before like I don’t even think I had a cell phone. So like I couldn’t just text him or like anything like that. Anyway, I called him and I couldn’t get a hold of him. So I finally left a message that said, “You know, I don’t think this is working out. But if you want to talk about it, you can call me back.” And like I would never have called back. I didn’t think he would I was just trying to be nice, you know, but then he did call back and I just had a landline. No, like I didn’t know it was him. So I picked up and there he was and so then we had to talk it out and he was trying to convince me not to break up with him and it’s like, it was just a weird experience. I was also glad when that phone call was over.

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