“…we would just have to like grit our teeth and bear the smell.”

Have I, or anyone I know ever bought a lemon? When my siblings and I started driving we all got really old used cars, but they were in pretty good shape, I would say overall. Our dad is a mechanic, and so he you know looked them over made sure the basics were working. And you know for the most part all of the cars that we had ran as long as we needed them to, I’ll put it that way. But I remember my oldest brother had some Honda, little Honda thing, that was blue and I think I had a name as a lot of high school cars probably do. And shortly after he graduated it died. So my little brother was looking around for a car and he ended up finding one almost exactly like the original blue car. It was a red Honda. And he saw it driving to school, it was sitting in someone’s corn field. And had probably been sitting there for a little while. So he had my dad come take a look at it, everything, you know looked good enough and he ended up buying it. So he drove that car, you know all summer or all spring and he would drive me to school most days, as well. So we were driving to school one day and it was getting colder out. So we had started the car and turned on the heat, and it just it smelled horrible, horrible and we realized you know, pretty immediately that it was coming from the vents. So we turned the heat off and just shivered, you know, the entire drive to school. It was kind of far. It was like 20 minutes probably. And same thing happened, you know, we didn’t know what was going on. So the same thing happened at night or after school. We were driving home and we turned the heat on and it smelled horrible. And so we came home and we’re like, “Dad, like what is going on?” And he checked it over and I think at the time I want to say he didn’t see anything and so this cycle repeated and sometimes we would just have to like grit our teeth and bear the smell because it was so cold out. And I don’t know how we eventually figured out what was going on. But eventually we realized that when the car had been sitting in that cornfield for sale some mice had set up residence somewhere, you know, either in the engine or obviously near the air vents. And I don’t know if the act of like turning the air on, like disrupted things or just really got things circulating but it was basically smelling – or it was basically shooting the smell of dead mice at us. Also, then it was heating it too. So like another layer of really disgusting stuff, so I don’t think that they were able to fix it either. It was just kind of like a permanent thing. I don’t know if anyone has seen that episode of Seinfeld where I think a valet moves someone’s car, and they have like really bad BO and nothing they do to the car can get the smell out. It was essentially like that. It just kind of always smelled like hot dead mice.

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