“I convinced her mom to let me take her on it. But then she cried halfway through…”

So have you done anything that’s nice or sweet for someone recently?

I wouldn’t say anything that’s particularly really nice.

You didn’t do anything nice when you went to the fair with your friends or when you went to the fair with the neighbors?

I mean I took somebody on the ride who – I’m super confident, so I convinced her mom to let me take her on it. But then she cried halfway through and then started screaming.

How old and who was this person?

It was the neighbor and she’s eight and she was super confident, said that her friends love the ride, that she’s gonna love the ride. And that this is gonna be her favorite ride. Probably like 10 seconds into the ride, it goes a bit quieter, like on the quieter section of the ride. All you hear is screaming and crying.

What happened? What is the ride?

Just like a big loop, that you just go around multiple times. And she was barely tall enough to go on the ride. Actually, I’m pretty sure she’s like an inch or something under. So there was a lot of wiggle room there. So it felt like she was flying. Like I’m not that big – but I am big sorry, correction. No, but there was wiggle room for me, and it felt like I was flying. So, for a little one it probably was crazy. So she disliked like that. And then they stopped the ride, they let her get off, but wouldn’t let anybody else get off. That included me, so she ran away to go find her mom while I was stuck on the ride, so that was fun.

So you tried to do something nice and it didn’t turn out well?


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