“…I hit send and then somehow it went to him as well.”

This person wasn’t really that interested in teaching and actually seemed resentful that they had to do it. And that became clear in the first class when they were using all this terminology that nobody, save for the PhD students, I think there was like three PhD students and then all the rest of us – save for those three students understood. And I raised my hand and I said, “I think there might be some confusion. This is our entry level class to this, this topic, you know, we’re very unfamiliar with what you’re saying.” And he paused and he said, “Well, I thought you all had this other class before.” And we said, “Nope.” And I thought that would have cleared it up, but he kind of just kept going. And the purpose of the class was to learn how to design different like research implementation strategies. So like if you’re trying to propose a solution to a problem, how do you design that well? This person, again, really only had interest in kind of their own research ideas and projects and getting those drafted into grants. And so very quickly the class became a grant writing course. It was almost like the original purpose, he just didn’t even try to teach. Or he did, but it was via a grant application with very little support. So it was an incredibly frustrating experience. We couldn’t just drop the class because it was one of those required core classes, and there was a lot of complaints from myself and many others going to the administration for our program. And it just, you know another layer of stress in what is already stressful for grad school. I just, I was over it. And so one day had been a particularly bad day. He had been extremely unhelpful. He’d given us a really unrealistic deadline for this grant application seeing as how none of us had actually ever written one. And we were supposed to be writing this grant application utilizing skills, like designing an intervention, which we had none because he didn’t teach them to us. And I was pissed and so I drafted this whole long thing. And I don’t even – I think what happened was there was a string of emails previous, in which I was communicating directly with him trying to understand the deadline, communicating more about I don’t think that we have the background to do this kind of at all, but definitely not in the time frame you gave us. And I think my intention was to forward some of that, because his responses were also very dismissive and unhelpful and I wanted the admin to see that, and then I had like this narrative in addition where I really just like reamed him. And I was doing it on my phone, I was at my internship and I hit send and then somehow it went to him as well. Like it copied him or so – I don’t even know I, I think it’s because I slammed on my phone down and chose not to keep looking. I don’t really know what happened. But he got the email. The good news for me is that he truly was so kind of far up his own behind that I don’t think he paid it much attention. He didn’t – I think – actually what happened I came to class fully dreading it waiting for him to be like, “Oh, you want to stay behind and tell me why you said all those things?”, but he ended up leaving. He went to India for like three months or something on a research project.

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