“So we ended up doing a 10K.”

What am I grateful for this week? I didn’t think I would get to see my boyfriend at all this weekend because he was originally scheduled to work Saturday, and I was doing a 5K in Lansing on Sunday that he didn’t sign up for, but then at the last minute he ended up getting Saturday off. So we ended up doing a 10K. Um and it was like closer to where he — where he lives which was more interesting to him, and um the 5K used to end in the ballpark, which he liked and a lot of people liked, but they stopped doing that. Anyway, so I went there Friday night and we did the race Saturday. So that was a lot of fun. We both came in second in our age groups. He was the sixth male to finish overall, and I was the third female, and we were both happy with our performance. Neither of us, like, felt great at the end. He said, he was like, “Yeah, it hurt the whole time.” I’m like, “But you” — like he went out super fast as he was trying to keep up with these really fast guys, and then I think that kind of like threw him off for the whole race because he went from just standing there to like sprinting and then he — like he slowed down and I think that just kind of messed him up for the whole race and made him feel overtired. But his time was still like 42 minutes. I didn’t feel yucky until the second half. I might have been like dehydrated or something, or I might have worked too hard too early in the week, because like I didn’t know I had a race, so I was working super hard earlier in the week. The first half was okay, like the middle was not as much. I, like, was kind of alone for a lot of it, like there were people ahead of me and people behind me but not like near me at all, which I didn’t really like. So I ended up slowing down a lot, but I didn’t walk, which I was happy about, but by the end like I was shivering, which is weird, ’cause it was like hot outside and I had a really bad stomach ache. But I still finished in 49 something, so under 50 minutes, which I was happy about. And then we went to breakfast because it was part of the Apple Festival and he got the pancake breakfast, but they didn’t have any gluten-free. So I got some nachos at 10 A.M. from a food truck. So that was fun, and then we both went home and took a nap. So I am thankful that I actually got to see him this weekend.

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