Ife John-Idiagbonya

So I paired up with the first person and go rock paper scissors shoot. I throw scissors, they throw paper.

A few months ago, I went on a retreat for my school. I’ve already been in this University for a few years, but I wanted, I wanted to kind of get to know people better and just really get more involved in my community ’cause, you know, you — it’s never too late to make more friends. But I was a little worried that I would go on this retreat and I wouldn’t really meet any new people. Like when we were waiting to get on the bus, everyone was in their groups together, and there was a few people that I knew but it wasn’t really — like there wasn’t the same kind of closeness. Um when we got on the bus, I sat by myself and I was just really hoping and praying that everything would turn out well. We end up — so we go ride the bus, get to the retreat site, and we put our stuff away and we go through the process of kind of introducing ourselves, getting to know our orientation leaders, um, and then they tell us that we’re going to play a rock paper scissors tournament. So every person would pair up with another person and you guys would play rock paper scissors and then the winner would go on to play the other winners and you would keep going and going until only one person was left and they were the winner of the whole tournament.

I normally really get in my head for these things. So I just decided, you know what, I don’t care. I’m just going to throw whatever and it’s, it’s fine that — if I lose. But — so I paired up with the first person and go rock paper scissors shoot. I throw scissors, they throw paper. And I’m like, “Okay, this is, this is nice.” And I go with the second person and then again I win and then the third person I win again and I’m like, “This is kind of getting serious.” Um, and so even after a few more times, I kept winning, and at this point, I’m — there’s like a little bit of attention starting to gather and people were like, “Oh my gosh, okay, like, you gotta go” — ’cause I was a little nervous about going over to kind of the other side, um, and telling the people like, “Oh, I’m the one who won this one.” But, people were pushing me forward. They’re like, “No Ife you have to go, you have to tell them.” And so I went and I kept playing and I ended up playing the last like two people and then I won the whole tournament. It was so satisfying.

I really — I didn’t think it was going to happen, but I managed to win. Um, and then the organizers were like “Okay on to the next activity,” and I was like “No wait, wait. Like, what’s my prize? ‘Cause I won.” And they said that the next day I would be able to — whatever table I sat at, we would be able to pick breakfast first — like we would be able to go get our food first. And I was like, “Okay.” So the rest of the night went really well, we had such great like bonding time and a lot of great activities where we just got to hang out and get to know each other. And so the next day getting ready, get to breakfast and I kind of forget all about what happened the day before and I just randomly picked a table to sit down. At this point, I’m starting to kind of get closer to other people and it’s really nice and then the organizers come up and they’re like “Okay, Ife since you won the rock paper scissors tournament yesterday your table gets to pick first.” And everyone at the table looks to me and they’re like, “Yes, thank you so much!” And people from other tables start groaning. They’re like, “Why didn’t you sit here? We had a chair for you!” Um, but it, it felt really nice and I, I guess I kind of got known for that — for having won the rock paper scissors tournament and it really helped me make a lot of friends and put myself out there when I was feeling really nervous. So I managed to accomplish my goal of getting to know real people and getting closer to the community. So it was really nice.