“I actually do remember a poem that I will actually I’m gonna share it.”

“Have you ever written a poem, either for yourself or for someone? Do you remember what it was about? One of our team members had to write a book of poems for an English class. It was nerve wracking because everyone had to read everyone else’s poems.”
Okay, I have – I’ve written multiple poems and I’ve read some poems. Actually, I’ve read a lot of poems because obviously I mean who doesn’t like Where the Sidewalk Ends? I don’t what its about, I just know has something to do with the sidewalk ending. But I do not remember the poems because it was in school, and I do know that I suck at writing poems. Oh my gosh, I actually do remember a poem that I wrote. Actually, I’m gonna share it. It’s very cheesy. So we had to do this recently this year, and I’m in sixth grade, but we had to write a poem, like we had to write a biography poem about someone. And I wrote it on Demi Lovato. She’s one of my favorite singers. I don’t really – I mean she’s an actress too, but I haven’t really watched like shows that she’s on, but anywho here’s the poem:

Demi is an actress and singer.
She’s born on August 12th – August 20th 1992.
She got a big win on Barney and Friends while making amends with Selena Gomez
At age seven she learned how to play piano and guitar
while driving around in a car on tour
while she lured people into watch her own Disney comedy sitcom Sonny with the Chance.
The show is so good – the show is so good it will leave you in a trance
while she’s got some romance with Jordan Lutz.
I’m wondering if they’ll ever land on some roots
Lovato is my fav, with her awesome vocals
and when her and her crew are acting like Royals.

So yeah, it’s kind of cheesy, but you know, and she actually was really good friends with Selena Gomez on Barney and Friends. So yeah, they were on it together.

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