photo of a Michigan State University spartan head

Calvert Bates

“… if I’m with friends, I guess I’m an odd person.”

So am I an odd or an even person? Well, I guess… Well first, you gotta figure out what odd and even means. I guess, you know, odd means like crazy or different or I don’t know. Even seems more like straight, you know. You can imagine like even is like a guy in a business suit going to work and odd is like… I don’t know, like a guy in a clown suit going to work. So I guess I don’t know. I guess I’m in between. You know, I like to have fun, everyone likes to have fun, but I guess I don’t go out and do things. You know, I’m not really loud in class and not even like obnoxiously loud. I don’t really talk, make much noise at all. And I don’t – I dunno. If I had to choose between like wearing a clown outfit or a business suit. I guess it really just depends on the day, you know? If I’m with like friends or… I guess yeah, if I’m with friends, I guess I’m an odd person. But when I’m, I guess, in a more serious setting. I don’t really try to be an odd person, I guess I’m more of an even person. I guess if that makes sense. It’s kind of a strange thing, especially because it’s not a term that you normally describe someone as an ‘even person’.

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