Annabelle McClanahan

“This day had been lined up perfectly.”

So this took place back in May of 2019 — so very much pre-pandemic and uh this day had been lined up perfectly. I had concert tickets to go see BTS and somewhere along that day — towards the middle of it, we get a phone call, my mom does at least. And the, this dog that we were looking at that we were very interested in getting, we were approved to get her. So I remember like my mom just like calling us all into the room with a hu- — like with this big smile on her face and basically saying “Guys, guys we have a new puppy.” And I just remember like jumping up and down hugging my sister and asking “When are we getting her? When can we see her next?” Um, and my mom was like “Well, we’re gonna pick her up today.” And, and then I just remember them going to drive — cause I was getting ready. I had a concert to go to with my friends, um, but I remember that they left in time to go pick up Dottie. And then, they drove back. And I just remember seeing her for the first time and sort of just like holding her. She was so, so tiny.

And she was just the cutest, tiniest little thing. She was so tired though that when we first got her she was so curious about the house, but she was also so sleepy. So like I remember just sort of sitting there and she would — it wasn’t really like a walk. It was more like a waddle — up to me and she would just sniff me and then she’d start crying because she wanted to be picked up and I remember like I was crying tears of happiness because I was like, who is this amazing little creature that I’m holding right now? It was, it was very cute, very sentimental. I was like, “Okay, I’m sorry. I, I have to go get ready for the concert.” And so, I walked back upstairs. And apparently from what I’m told is Dottie did not like this cause she couldn’t walk up the stairs yet.

And I just remember getting home that night — I was freezing. And I enter the house cause I obviously knew the code to the garage and everything and I see that the area to the dining room had been blocked off. And so I’m like, “”kay, that’s a little weird but whatever. Right, like I was expecting that. What I was not expecting to see was my mom asleep on the floor and Dottie was crawling towards — waddling towards me on those chubby little legs of hers. She started crying and because it was around midnight, I was like, “No, no, no, no, let’s be quiet.” But I was so cold that I just remember sitting there. And just holding Dottie up to me and I’m like, “Oh my gosh. This is incredible, this day.” And so yeah, that was really just — probably one of the best days of my life.