“I actually tried to use Guitar Hero 3 to learn how to play…”

In middle school, that was – in my school, that was when you could either start doing band, and then you could do band in high school or you could just do other electives. So you either had to do band for all three years or you could do electives. Like you couldn’t have band and gym, or band and art, or band and tech. And I was super into art. Like when I was younger, I was like, “Oh I wanna grow up to be an artist. I’m gonna be a painter.” Whatever like that. So I was like, “I’m not gonna do band. I wanna do art.” And then of course I was screwed over, and they only put me in one art class, so that sucked, but I wish I would’ve done band. I definitely would have done like either like the percussion or the trumpet. Or maybe the flute. I don’t know, probably not. My sister did the saxophone, I probably wouldn’t do that and I probably wouldn’t do clarinet either. But yeah, I wish I would’ve done band. I thought that would’ve been really fun. I did choir in high school and that was fun. I enjoyed that. I have like tried to learn so many instruments though, and I’m just so bad at it, and I’m so bad at like keeping myself like being persistent at like hobbies. Like I remember when Guitar Hero 3 came out for the Nintendo Wii and I was like, “Oh, like, I can learn how to play guitar from this.” I don’t know how that made sense in my mind. So like for Christmas that year, my parents got me an electric guitar and I tried to – I actually tried to use Guitar Hero 3 to learn how to play it like I thought like the little different colored dots were actually like different chords. Which I mean technically they were, but like I didn’t like compute correctly over into my mind, you know, so that like did not work out. So I immediately gave up. And then like a couple years later, I was like, “Mom, I wanna know how to play the banjo, it’s completely different from guitar. I’ll do it this time.” No! I feel so bad too, my parents spent so much money on that stupid stuff.

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