“… The little get together that was supposed to be me and my seven or so friends turned into a mega event.”

Around the fire, we were like “Man, you know, we should like have like an actual thing after the end of the football game next week. We should all come back over here and just have a fire, like we don’t even have to do paintball before it, we can just have a fire, it’d be great.” So yeah, it did sound great, just getting that little crew together for a little end of season, you know, fireside hang. You fast forward to the football game. This was our big rivalry game against our crosstown rivals and one of my friends from that small paintball group brought a sign cheering on our football team. So when he held it up, you know, it was like your classic “Go team, go,” but personalized, I’m sure, for like our running back or whoever that he knew. But on the back the sign that was facing the rest of the crowd was an invitation to my house for a blowout party extravaganza. And I don’t know, that wasn’t – that wasn’t ideal. That wasn’t planned. It was something he did off the cuff. So the little get together that was supposed to be me and my seven or so friends turned into a mega event where like 100 people showed up in my backyard, and they were probably very disappointed, many of them, expecting to find – like this is in the early 2000s, so like you picture like American Pie or Can’t Hardly Wait, any of those movies where there’s kegs on tap and people jumping in the swimming pools and, you know, Blink-182 on the stereo, I guess. That’s not what we planned, and that’s not what I would throw because that wasn’t me. So there’s a lot of people who were probably very confused as to why our party was just literally a giant bonfire in the backyard with no alcohol and a portable basketball hoop off to the side so we can just take turns dunking on it. It was very, yeah, I don’t know. I do remember dozens of cars, we had a long dirt driveway probably like a hundred yards, hm, maybe 75 yards. And it was just lined on each side with cars to the point that the police showed up. They probably assumed they were busting a rager. And my mom met them at the front and was like, “Yeah, no, there’s no drinking here. It’s just, it’s just a bunch of people in the – congregating in the backyard.” I don’t know. I think it turned out fine enough.

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