“That’s English.”

“Are there any words that you find tricky to spell?” ‘Vacuum’ is also a difficult one for me. I just read it, and now if you ask me to spell it, I know there’s not two M’s, but I don’t know. Is there just the one C? Va- it seems like ‘vac-cyum’. Or – it’s ‘vac-uum’. Is there two U’s? I’m not gonna look but I don’t know. ‘Maintenance’ was a difficult one for me for a while, and I don’t know why and I – to this day, like with ‘Wednesday’, ‘Wed-nes-day’, I have to think ‘main-ten-ance’ when I’m writing it out. And ‘guarantee’ is still a difficult one for me. I know now how to spell it, but I think I always wanted to spell it G U A instead of G A U. Spelling words in general is not really overly difficult for me because I was such a bookworm as a kid, so pronouncing words was harder for me because I would see words like ‘antithesis’. And never hear those in casual conversation, so when I would try to use it, I would say ‘anti-thesis’. ‘Epitome’ was another one, I think I did pronounce it ‘epi-tome’ or ‘epi-toe-may’. ‘Intrigue’ was a difficult one when I was younger. There was a car called an Intrigue, wasn’t there? And I think I called it an ‘Intri-zhyou’. It just seemed like how you – it sounded like a fancy word, you know, and yeah. ‘Voila’, I remember hearing before seeing so I did think it was W A L A. And I remember seeing it for the first time, “That’s ‘voila’? Is it supposed to be ‘vwala’? Is it – Why’s there a V there?” Although that is – I think it’s a loan word, but you know, we can’t judge words by the strange letters in them because that’s English.

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