“I didn’t say it to her, but it was terrible.”

On my mom’s side – and so we don’t do this because my mom doesn’t do it, but the – my grandma makes these really good baked beans with like brown sugar. She used to make those for Thanksgiving every year. This year she made calico beans for Thanksgiving and I love them. Not something she does – I don’t think that’s something she does all the time, but I’m gonna start demanding more from her ’cause they’re good. Something else we used to do is broccoli casserole. I know it’s – a lot of families still do broccoli casserole. I think up here they do broccoli and rice casserole? But my tía makes broccoli casserole. In fact, her broccoli casserole were so good, she would make four of them for Thanksgiving. One to eat during Thanksgiving and then three for like each of us, like, so one for my family, one for my Uncle [name] family, and one for my Uncle [name] family to take home. Because we loved it that much. I don’t know what the hell she puts in it, but she makes it every year. And I love it. And of course, I didn’t get to see my tía this year, so, I’m mad I didn’t get any of her broccoli casserole. Although someone at my work made broccoli casserole for like a luncheon that we did, a Thanksgiving luncheon, and it was terrible. She was like, “Frozen broccoli,” and I was just like “Blech. Blech.” So I didn’t say it to her, but it was terrible.

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