“And he gently talked me out of it.”

I’m not one to generally go with the brand new fad because it seems like a great idea. I kinda like people to, you know, work at it and shake it out a little bit before I get involved, you know. Some of these, some of these things they just don’t last, you know. Like leisure suits. You probably don’t remember leisure suits. I almost bought one back in the seventies, I think it was. But, fortunately, the gentleman who was running the men’s haberdashery here, who has since been deceased, very well knew his, his – he knew his work. And he gently talked me out of it. He said, “You don’t – you really want one of those? You know, that’s kind of a fad and how about a nice sport coat and slack combo instead? Which is a classic and, you know, it’ll be a classic forever and there’s a reason why they’re classics.” You know, and so he kinda, kind of like I said gently directed me in that, in that direction. So that was a, that was a – almost, almost missed out and that was a close one.

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