“I had gone horseback riding.”

“Has there ever been a time you were able to stay calm in a high stress situation? What happened? And how did you respond? One of our team members had their car spin out on black ice, but they avoided an accident because they stayed calm and didn’t try to overcorrect the car.” I don’t know. I am not a very good, like, stay calm under a lot of stress person. I’m trying to think of a time maybe. My examples would not be good because I don’t really stay calm in high stress situations, at all. I have emotional breakdowns, and so this is not a good question for me to answer.

One thing that maybe could come up is when I was in girl scouts. I was in fourth or fifth grade. I don’t – I think it was in the summer in between fourth and fifth grade. And I had gone horseback riding, in my past. But I was very, very afraid of horses. I don’t remember why I was afraid of horses, but I was really, really afraid. Oh, yeah, ’cause I had actually witnessed somebody get bucked off a horse. And so I was like really, really scared. And so I told my group leader, “Can I please have the best horse? Like, if you can. I’m extremely afraid of horses. I haven’t been on one since I witnessed somebody get bucked off like, you know, blah blah blah blah.” And she was like “Okay!” And then she never got me the best horse. In fact, I got the worst horse, and so they were like, “Oh, nothing has ever gone wrong. All horses are good horses.” And guess what happened? About, let’s say, a tenth of a mile into our like three or four mile ride, my horse, instead of going and following all the other horses and going in like a path into the woods, veers right and goes into like onto a weird trail, and it starts galloping. And I am not kidding, it started to gallop. And it went into like super high grass and it started jumping up, trying to buck me off. And I was holding on with all my might, and then soon, my best friend’s horse followed, and her horse ran to like the top of a hill, and I was like – my horse was still like jumping up and down and running in circles and like trying to get me off. And I was holding on with all my might, and I was staying calm, and soon enough all the workers were underneath the electric fence trying to save me, and I – like it was so scary but I stayed calm and they had to save my friend as well. And when we got back into the woods, onto the trail, my horse went off the trail to the right, and started pulling me between all these trees where my face was getting hit by sticks, and it was turning around in circles, around trees, trying to bonk me into the trees, like that horse hated me, and it was trying to like jump up, but it couldn’t ’cause it would get hurt, but – And so finally they were like, “You have to get off this horse”, and I was terrified. But I stayed calm. And so they gave me a better horse, but that horse didn’t like me. They’re just – horses don’t really like me I guess, but I have since conquered my fear, and I went back horseback riding and nothing went wrong. So that was good.

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