“I’m proud of myself to say that I was able to spring to action and catch my dad…”

Just a few weekends ago, I was playing – I was at my dad’s house with my younger brother who’s 24. And my dad was playing a new virtual reality game on the Oculus Quest, and it was a shooting game where you shoot these video game characters, but they also shoot at you. And when you’re playing a two-dimensional game on your television, whatever. But when you have bullets coming at you in a VR world, even if they’re cartoon bullets that are moving at, you know, almost in slow motion. Not quite slow motion. It can spook you, when you twist your head around in this virtual world, and you see something coming to you, and you have to bob your head very quickly to avoid getting hit.

My dad was doing really well in that round, and then he got hit with one of those moments where he turned his head, and there was something coming at him, so he bobbed his head quickly and began to lose his balance, and he’s 72. So he started stumbling and bumbling backward toward our glass window. Um, our glass door window, and our giant flat screen TV, so I had to be – actually it’s a moderately sized – I’m sorry. It’s just a small stupid detail. I was like painting this picture of us having this, like, this movie screen. Our standard sized flat screen TV, and I don’t know, my brother kinda just sat and watched it because that’s what happens sometimes when you watch something happen in a pinch. You’re like, “Okay, this is happening, doesn’t look good.” And I’m proud of myself to say that I was able to spring to action, and catch my dad just before he potentially smashed through our back door window. And who knows what could’ve happened after that. That dude is on blood thinners, so he would’ve bled like crazy, like it could’ve been like a seriously terrible thing. So that’d be my most recent responding to stressful situation. I’ll pat myself on the back.

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