“She’s putting her neck out there a little bit, giving me the soup and everything.”

“Is there anyone in your life who has been particularly generous to you? What did they give you? One of our team members is extremely grateful for all the time her teachers gave her when she was in school.” Mmm. Nice. I mean these days – I mean outside family, most the relationships I have are – you know, there’s something in it for everybody. I guess my stepmom jumps to mind. I got sick. This was a while ago, probably like a year ago, but I got sick and like I live alone. So, you know, it’s me cooped up with my Gatorade and chicken soup and whatever, and she stopped by and dropped off like kind of a care package with, you know, more Gatorade, more chicken soup, and a couple other nice things. I don’t – I don’t remember exactly. And that was particularly tough because she is scared of covid and getting sick and everything. And even though like I was vaccinated, she was vaccinated, she’s still paranoid about getting sick, and I don’t think it was covid that I had. I think I – I don’t remember, it was just flu or cold or something. But it just meant a lot. You know, she’s putting her neck out there a little bit, giving me the soup and everything. So I appreciate the gesture, for sure.

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